Lop Rabbit

14 Nov

Lop Rabbit ialah spesis arnab yang mempunyai telinga yang jatuh ke bawah.

Terdapat 8 spesis yang lebih spesifik iaitu :-

  • Holland Lop (agak famous di Malaysia nie),
  • English Lop,
  • French Lop,
  • Seal Point Cashmere Lop,
  • Smoke Pearl Cashmere Lop,
  • Red-eye White Cashmere Lop,
  • Black Cashmere Lop,
  • American Fuzzy Lop

Holland Lop

English Lop

French Lop
Cross between Dwarf
-French Lop x English Lop. Short fur, Heavily muscled.
Weigh < 4 lbs.
Legs are short, thick, straight & heavily boned for its size. Excellent breeders
Most popular.
“Mandolin type” body.
Very long lop ears.
Minimal length 21″
from tip to tip & width
of 1/4 the length.
Very friendly.
Weigh > 9lbs
Cross between English Lop & Flemish Giants. Heavy build. Massive, thickset appearance. Ears hand horse-shoe shaped; extend approximately 1-1 1/2″ below jaw. Weighs >10 lbs.

Seal Point Cashmere Lop

Smoke Pearl Cashmere Lop

Red-eye White Cashmere Lop

Black Cashmere Lop

American Fuzzy Lop
Also known as Cashmere Lop (pictures above). Cross between Holland Lop & Angora. 19 coat colours – blue, chestnut, chinchilla, lynx, opal, squirrel, pointed white, blue-eyed white, chocolate, lilac, ruby-eyed white, sable point, siamese sable, siamese smoke pearl, tortoise shell (black & blue), fawn, black & orange. Short, compact muscular body. Appearance of round ball with flat face. No neck. Very dense, coarse coat 1-2″ length. Ears hang straight down, extending 1/2-1″ below jaw. Weighs 3 1/2-4 lbs.
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